Q: What is the New Location?

A:  We opened a 2nd Location in the University Food Fair at 3300 Fairmount Avenue in the Ghostkitchen building. 


Q: Why did you open a New Location so close to the Original Germantown Location

A: The Original Max's was created before the Internet was invented and the Germantown location is not set up or well equipped to handle online orders. We do not want our in-person customers to have to wait for someone else's Online order to get cooked. 


Q: Is the New location the same sandwich

A: YES! The Ghostkitchen uses the same exact bread, same 100% marinated Sirloin Steak,  same cheese and the same condiments as the Original Max's. 


Q: Can I order pickup from the 3300 Fairmount Location

A: Yes, click on the yellow order button and you can place your order, when you arrive, you will scan your phone and your order will be waiting for you in a secure locker. Use our employee discount code of emp20 to save some money.